Best trailers and supply has been in business here since 2007. We are locally owned and operated, with a friendly staff and we do our best to make sure your trailer experience here is a pleasant one. Our salesmen will meet you in the yard and help with everything from deciding what trailer you will need to making sure you get hooked up to the trailer properly.

We have everything you will need here balls and ball mounts, replacement parts, tow straps, ext. We not only sell trailers here but also repair them. If we cant repair your trailer that day it usually only takes a day or two and we will do our best to get it back to you in a timely manor. If we cant fix we will help you find someone who can.

Best Trailers & Supply, Trailers  Automotive Utility, Macon, GA

we are located in Macon GA off hwy 247. we are approximately 1 hour south of Atlanta,1.5-2 hrs from savannah, Valdosta or Columbus.

Directions from north:
1) take I-75 south. from Atlanta GA
2) get off at exit 160A (pio nono ave)(hwy 247)
3) south for 8 miles and im on your left

Directions from south:
1) take I-75 north. from Valdosta GA
2) get off at exit 149. (hwy49) turn right (north)
3) take hwy 49 north for 4.5 mils turn right onto Avondale mill rd
4) take Avondale mill till it dead ends turn left and im 1/4 mile on the right

Directions from east
1) take I-16 west from savannah GA
2) take I-75 south off i-16
3) get off at exit 160A (io nono ave)(hwy 247)
4) south for 8 miles and im on your left

we deal
Down 2 Earth trailers
Diamond cargo
Bendron titan

Master Tow
Cynergy cargo
look trailers
superior trailers of ga

we have
Utility trailers
aluminum trailers
Enclosed trailers
Equipment trailers
Hitch haulers
Motorcycle / ATV trailers
Tow Dollies
Dump trailers
Goosenecks trailers
10 ton trailers


Q: Do you charge sales tax?

A: we charge sales tax to GA residents only and is based off the county which the trailer will be tagged in. all out of state customers will pay sales tax when they register it in their own state.

Q: do you sell used trailers or just new trailers"

A: yes. i do take trailers in on trades so i do have a used inventory as well as a new inventory.

Q: Are you open on weekends?

A: we are not open on weekends, but if you would like to pick up a trailer we will be open by appointment. and my cell phone is on the answering machine so i can be reached at any time.

Q: why do the enclosed trailers have a rippled look on the metal?

A: The rippled look is unavoidable but there are ways to reduce it. it is caused by a few factors, 1 the metal is screwed into the side causing the metal to be pulled tighter in some areas, we use a semi screw-less exterior on our enclosed trailers so the metal is glued on as well as screwed on requiring less screws. another factor is heat, just like everything else when the metal heats up it expands making it looked rippled, until it cools back down. one of the ways to reduce the ripple look is to go with thicker metal on the side which we offer as an option for those who want it.

Q:what are the benefits of a torsion axle over a spring?

A: torsion axles will give a much smoother ride and are quieter as well. they are bolted directly to the frame and have a rubber insert with and arm that comes out and back. as you apply weight the arm rotates back giving you your suspension and is basically an independent suspension system. they do cost more then the spring axles do and but will also last better and provide a much better ride.

Q: what is the GVWR on my trailer and how much weight can it hold ?

A : The GVWR is the gross vehicle weight rating. there is a sticker on the front of your trailer stating this, tha tells you what the axles are rated at. but to know how much you can haul you need to know the dry weight of your trailer. EX: you trailer has a GVWR 3500 # you would then subtract the weight of the trailer (say 1000 #) thats what you can haul 3500 - 1000 = 2500#.

Q: if i have a tandem axle do i need brakes?

A: yes, in GA any trailer with a GVWR over 3000# is required to have brakes on both axles in order to be pulled on the road. the only people who this doesn't apply too is farmers who are using it on the farm, that's why you can build one without brakes but not pull it on the road. all of our trailers are built according to NATM standards and have the NATM sticker which means these trailers follow all state and federal laws on saftey and specifications.

the link below shows the brake laws by state and clearly states GA requires brakes on both axles

AAA digest of trailer laws
GA dept of public saftey FAQ

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- We sell the carports for R & B metal structures. we have all different sizes, styles and colors. we have the standard style, a-frame, and barn style. as for the sizes we have some standard sizes and can do custom sizes as well. CALL FOR PRICING. we will get you set up take a 10% deposit then R&B will be out in 3-4 weeks to set it up

Getting what you want is easy!

1) You decide exactly how much space you'll need, how much clearance you'll need, and the type of building you'll want.
2) Contact me to get a price quote on the building of your choice, and place an order.
3) Pay a 10% deposit fee.
4) R$B will deliver and instal the carport 2-4 weeks after order is sent in.
5) You pay the remainder when installation is finished

Building Materials Specifications

* Tubing - We offer 12 and 14 gauge 2 ΒΌ" sq. galvanized tubing for all buildings up to 24' wide. We also offer 14 gauge 2"x3" galvanized tubing for all buildings up to 40' wide.
* Roofing Steel - Our steel sheeting is 29 gauge, galvanized steel with baked enamel finish
* Doors & Windows - We offer a standard 34" residential door and a 4'x6' over sized door for walk-ins. We offer roll up doors from 5'x7' to 16'x12'. Electric motors are also available. Our standard window size is 24"x36".





DEXTER axles

dexter axles

DEXTER axles

al-ko axles

DEXTER axles

master tow


R & B metal structures






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best trailers and supply macon ga
best trailers and supply macon ga